Terrance Frank Lazaroff served 32 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, retiring as a Major in the Logistic Branch. He attended University during his spare time studying Fine Arts.

It was during his second year at the University of Manitoba that Terrance became interested in working with the ceramic medium. His initial exposure to clay was under the guidance and leadership of Professor Robert (Irish) Flynn, noted for his work in low fired soda glazes. Other professors that influenced Terrance were Robert Archambeau, known for his wood fired pottery and Paul Rozman, known for his highly decorative functional ware.

Terrance graduated with first class honours and shortly after, moved to Montreal, Québec. He shared a studio at 10 Ontario West in Montreal with a small group of potters and ceramists. Terrance has been very active in the arts community promoting ceramic arts and teaching.

He has allowed his creativity to lead him into many venues of the ceramic craft. Pottery, both functional and decorative, sculptures both large and small works are common among his created works. Terrance was awarded three fellowships at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China in 2003, 2005 and again in 2008. Terrance established his ceramic studio at 7128 Arthur Halley, Longueuil (St-Hubert), Quebec, Canada.

Terrance has had the opportunity to travel throughout Northern Canada, the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and recently China. The people that he has met have all contributed to influence his direction in ceramics. The areas of the medium that interest Terrance the most are the Oriental forms, glazes, and decorative brush work. He has also created works in bronze, plaster and mixed media. His work can be found in private and government collections throughout Canada, USA, China, Europe and the Middle East. Terrance’s is presently interested in creating images of Canada’s northland on porcelain using the cobalt blue and white techniques of the Chinese masters.

ABOUT Terrance

I have recently started to enjoy making sculpture. My latest project is working with the Serge Borassa bronze foundry located at St-Robert, Quebec; just out side of Sorel. I am awaiting my latest series of bronze pieces.

The major difficulty working with bronze sculptures is finding a place in the studio where one can use wax and plaster without contaminating the workspace for clay art..


join the West Virginia University to study at the Imperial Porcelain Capital of Jingdezhen. Participants will have the opportunity to study with some of China’s most prominent teachers and ceramic artists
Shows, Exhibitions and Festivals:  I became a professional artist in 1988 after graduating from University.  Thus my show record is not extensive.  Nevertheless, I use every opportunity to display my work.  information about my show record is available.
Affiliations and Organizations:
The military required individuals to participate in community activities and this training carried over into my new civilian activities.  I believe that one must participate in order to make change.  More information about my affiliations is available.
Publications and Conferences:
TMy experience in China has given me the opportuntiy to speak in public about life and craft in China.   I have also published three journals for 1001POTS. I presently write a blog and I do dabble in poems and fiction short stories.  More information about this side of my life is available.